The winery

Our winery is located at Can Batlle, an ancestral homestead which appears in records from the 17th century and where wine, olive oil an even cork production date back to this time.



Map of the mountain of Cantallops from 1829 where the current vineyards can be seen on the South-East side.


  • Celler Vinyes dels Aspres

Early twentieth century

Notable periods in the history of Can Batlle are those at the beginning of the twentieth century, during the time of 'teacher grandmother' Narcisa Vicens, When one of Narcisa's daughters married Eduard Toldrà, a celebrated musician and composer, in addition to the work of the vineyard, summer after summer at  Can Batlle were also filled with music and culture.

Narcisa Vicens

Narcisa Vicens, teacher and soul of the winery at the beginning of the 20th century

A photografy of the family in the courtyard, taken in 1940's

Eduard Toldrà, the eminent composer and musician with close ties to Can Batlle

Towards the end of the 1990s, we implemented a series of improvements, renovating and restoring the winery in keeping with today's requirements for wine making.

We now use a pneumatic press to produce white wines in accordance with the highest quality requirements, and twelve stainless-steel vats for the maceration and fermentation of grapes at controlled temperatures to produce red wines. The aging of the wine in barrels, all of which are made of French Allier oak, takes place in the ancient cellar, as does its final ageing in the bottle.

Nowadays the cellar is air conditioned to maintain a constant temperature and humidity which favour the optimum development of the must. The wood, our production techniques and, undoubtedly, the history impregnated in the cellar's walls help us to define the characteristics of each and every one of our wines.