The land

Our winery Vinyes dels Aspres is located in the municipality of Cantallops, the most northern inland town of Alt Empordà, sheltered by the Albera mountain range, a territory of gently rounded foothills of the Mediterranean Pyrenees.

It is in this area, especially rough and dry, where our vineyards sit, all family owned for some generations. We enjoy about thirty hectares, all of them registered within the “Denominació d’Origen (AOC) Empordà”, with an average age of thirty year-old vines, distributed in fourteen plots. Basically they are the typifying indigenous varieties: Garnatxa and Carinyena, a few Picapoll vines, as well as Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot. With these varietals fully adapted to the terroir and climatology our whole range of wines are elaborated, especially with the outstanding versatility of Garnatxa, named Lledoner in Empordà, be it the black, the white and the red.

The land component is granite and slate, ancient soils and rocky, very suitable for the production of quality grapes.

The combination of land profile and the frequent north wind “tramuntana” affect the performance and yield of our vineyards, the average production being less than two kilos per vinestock. This component, together with a careful agricultural management and the subsequent treatment of the grapes in the winery, are the key to obtaining good wine.

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