Bac de les Ginesteres

Bac de les Ginesteres

Natural sweet aged wine

Bac de les Ginesteres

Natural sweet aged wine 2000


Bac de les ginesteres corresponds to the popular name of a spot near the vineyards of "Can Batlle", on the north face of the mountain and crowded with gorse. It was in this very place back in 1924 that the music master Eduard Tolda got inspiration to compose a sardana named "El Bac de les Ginesteres" back  in 1924, during one of his periods in Cantallops


Visually there is a brown color of cherry root.

In the olfactory aspect the aromatic range is generous and delicate, without prominences. There is almond blossom, vine peach jam, coconut clove, hazelnuts, walnuts and matafaluga. It also reminds us of the honeycomb, all with an oxidative tone that envelops it.

Left in the mouth it is slightly sweet with notes of candied and nuts, all in a very creamy texture. It has an extraordinarily long persistence that makes us continue to savor it after a long time of having tasted it.

Alcohol: 15 %


Variety comp. g/cep
Grenache Gray 100% 1680 g


The vineyard of les corts is located in the eastern part of the municipality of Cantallops, beside the Cami dels Solers, in an area of rough, dry sandy land characterised by shallow, rocky ground of geologically ancient materials (granites and slates) with a low content of organic matter. The texture of the soil is sandy, with an acidic pH and almost no active lime.


2105 Kg were selected on 19th September 2003 to elaborate this wine. Manual harvest in 5 Kg plastic cases.


Once harvested, the boxes of grapes were placed safe from the rain and let dry for 59 days. Later 1043 kg of the resulting raisins were pressed as if they were fresh grapes. The must, highly concentrated in sugars, were fermented slowly over months in a stainless steel tank, forming the particular base wine for our Bac de les Ginesteres. Once the fermentation was over, a row of 20 lts glass bottles were filled and exposed to the outside, " sun and serenity", for 50 months, growing older and evolving into our Bac de les Ginesteres.


169 g/l


Cardboard case of 3 bottles. Special bordeaux bottle of 500 ml. mushroom-type cork.


978 numbered bottles  Requesens,7 -17708 Cantallops (Girona)

Telf. 619 74 14 42