Vi de panses

Vi de panses

Natural sweet wine

Vi de panses

Natural sweet wine 2016


From the optical side, this wine is shown with a reddish colour and orange hue.

It has a broad aromatic scheme and nuanced with clear references to the honey of thousand flowers ans rosemary, almond blossom, anise, roasted almond, and macadamia nut.

In the mouth, a creamy texture and a subtle sweetness give a great finesse and a good balance to the product with the incorporation of gustatory characters of differents nuts. The after taste is long and frank.

Alcohol: 15 %


Variety comp. g/cep
Gray Grenache 100% 1960 g


The vineyard of Les Corts is located in the eastern part of the municipality of Cantallops, beside the Cami dels Solers, in an area of rough, dry sandy land characterised by shallow, rocky grounds of geologically ancient materials (granites and slates) and with a low content of organic matter. The texture of the soil is sandy, with an acidic pH and almost noactive lime.


5087 Kg were used for the elaboration of this wine, harvested by hand between the 10th and the 12th of September, in boxes of 5 kg.


Once harvested, the boxes of grapes were placed safe from the rain and dried for 59 days. later the 2538 Kg of resulting raisins were pressed as if they were fresh grapes. The must, highly concentrated in sugars, was fermented slowly during months in a stainless steel tank to obtain this particular wine liquour in a natural way. The final coefficient between the weight of the fresh and dried grapes was 23%.


176 g/l


Cardboard case of 3 bottles. Special Bordeaux bottle of 500 ml. Mushroom-type cork.


2340 numbered bottles  Requesens,7 -17708 Cantallops (Girona)

Telf. 619 74 14 42