Negre dels Aspres

Negre dels Aspres

Aged red wine

Negre dels Aspres

Aged red wine 2013


Intense garnet red colour. Initial aromatic expression offers notes of forest herbs, coriander and candied red fruit. The subsequent aromatic hints of laurel, ground cinnamon, pepper grains, slate and roasted rind appear almost immediately, offering a good combination of primary and aging flavours. The palate is warm and alive, with very well balanced aspects of acidity, body, flavour, tannic structure and palate expression. It also conveys notes of cherry jam, syrup, cocoa and plums in brandy that slowly dissolve in a generous persistence.

Alcohol: 15%


Variety Comp. Vineyard Age of vineyard
Black Grenache 33% Mallol 36 years
Carignan 27% Cofins 36 years
Cabernet Sauvignon 37% Cap dels Clots 13 years
Syrah 7% Mallolet 11 years


The vineyards of Els Cofins, Mallol, cap dels Clots, Mallolet, to the east of the town of Cantallops, in a rough and shallow soils,  in granite and slate, and low in organic content.

Texture of the soils is sandy, with an acid pH and a proportion of active chalk almost inexistent.


Grenache  were harvested September 18, Syrah the September 20 and the Carignan and the Cabernet Sauvignon the october 3 th respectively. All harvest was carried out manually.


Elaboration of each variety separately. Destemming and crushing of grapes, and fermentation and maceration took an average of 25 days.

Controlled temperature during fermentation was at 24º C.

The yield wine / grapes was 50%, leaving aside the pressed wine that did not go to this blend. Removal of solids and kept in inox until April 20 th 2014, when the 30 Allier oak barriques were filled up.

Barriques were sourced from different barrique artisans from north France with a light toasting.The wine aged in this oak for 14 months.


June 15th, 2015


Wooden case of 1 or 6 bottles. Especial Bordeaux bottle of 750 ml.Cork "extra" of 49 mm.


8969 numbered bottles  Requesens,7 -17708 Cantallops (Girona)

Telf. 619 74 14 42

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